The Perilous Lifetime of Shorebird Chicks | Nature


– [Announcer] For the Purple Knot chicks, the primary few weeks of life are particularly perilous.

(hen chirping) Solely a few quarter of them will stay lengthy sufficient to make the journey south.

– [Jan] He is going.

There he’s.

There we go.

Do your finest, man.

– [Announcer] However Jan’s essential concern is that even those who survive can be smaller than they should be.

– [Jan] Three weeks after the snow has melted, there’s the insect peak on which the chicks can feed.

With the fast warming of the Arctic, the summer season has already began.

These bugs are rising earlier from the soil.

However what the birds don’t do is modify their journey schedule.

So these days these birds within the Arctic arrive too late for the chicks to utilize this burst of bugs.

And they also do not have good rising alternatives, and that makes these birds smaller than they really must be.

(hen wings flapping) – [Announcer] For the Godwit chicks too, it is a race in opposition to time.

– As soon as the chicks hatch, each mother and father maintain the chicks for not less than the primary three weeks or so that they are round.

However then in some unspecified time in the future, the feminine will really take off and it will simply be left as much as the male.

And the male will see the chicks via to fledgling earlier than he too takes off.

After which the chicks are left on their own.

(birds chirping) (wind whooshing) – As the times shorten within the Arctic, the younger shorebirds embark on their first and most harmful migration.

Their maiden flight is a miracle and a thriller.

They are going house.

A house they’ve by no means seen, however one way or the other all the time identified.

– The primary southward migration to me simply appears epically tough.

You are making these unimaginable flights having by no means carried out it earlier than, and that alone, in case you did not survive that, it would not shock me.

After which while you throw on prime of it the threats that birds are going through at every level in the course of the course of their migration, hurricanes, droughts within the Mid-Continent, searching.

(gun booms)

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