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– Usually that one simply, in all probability come from there to simply – My title is Anthony Jimenez.

I stay in Costa Rica, I am 26 years outdated.

I am Costa Rican nature tour information, and I work right here in Cocora in these lovely gardens.

El Cocora is a personal reserve.

Right here now we have locations the place nature lovers, the place chicken watchers, many photographers go to us right here, interested by our endemic species.

White-tipped sicklebill.

White-tipped sicklebills is taken into account one of the crucial uncommon species in Costa Rica.

One of the vital tough to see.

This species Heliconia ramonensis is endemic to Costa Rica and Panama.

This is without doubt one of the fundamental flowers for sicklebills that we are able to discover within the tropical cloud forest.

This flower have an adaptation for the sicklebill.

It is the identical form of them payments.

I can, I can hear one thing.

It is proper there, it is proper – It is coming.

It is coming.

(chicken wings fluttering) [Anthony] It is lovely.

White-tipped sicklebills have very unusual behaviors evaluating with the different hummingbirds.

Usually, they arrive from the bottom to feed on these kind of flowers.

They wish to be hanging the wrong way up.

We will see each morning if the mark is contemporary.

Meaning the hummingbird is visiting the flower.

This can be a good info for me to inform what’s the perfect time to, to take photographs of them.

Sure! (palms clapping) So the folks can go to us right here to, to get pleasure from them.

To be taught in regards to the hummingbirds, why they should plant this particular plant, and why working within the Costa Rican forest conservation.

(wind howling)

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