The Hummingbird Impact | Discovering Capuchin Monkeys in Costa Rican Mangroves | Nature


– So for The Hummingbird Impact, we needed to function different animals that rely on hummingbirds.

The connection between the capuchins and the mangrove hummingbird is fairly unbelievable as a result of the mangrove hummingbird, though it is a tremendous uncommon species and troublesome to seek out, it is chargeable for pollinating all of those mangrove flowers which might be within the space and as soon as they’re in bloom, you’ll be able to see the capuchins.

They arrive over, they feed on them, they normally do not end every thing, and what they do not end falls to the forest ground after which all the opposite animals within the space take benefit of it.

So it is actually type of this path of meals and this pathway of meals, if you’ll, and all of it begins with the mangrove hummingbird.

Diego is such a useful useful resource as a result of he has grown up on this property.

His household has owned it for many years they usually’ve preserved it.

So this river proper right here is tucked in between two palm oil plantations.

So if Diego’s household would’ve given up this property, then the monkeys would have completely nowhere to go.

(birds and monkeys chattering) – So proper after they have been hanging up on the treetops, consuming after which napping, that is the time to play.

Getting themselves the place they know it is a secure space.

There are chosen areas through which it is thought-about as a consuming spot.

They know that it is a secure, no crocs, no hazard.

And this is likely one of the most gratifying instances to look at them.

– Diego, he has each single particular person named.

He is aware of their household tree and legacy and story.

He is aware of the dramas that play out amongst them.

He is aware of the pathways that they take.

So we have at all times been in a position to get forward of the monkeys and anticipate them coming as a result of it not solely helps us get the photographs, however it ensures that these animals are gonna be round lengthy after us.

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