The Enchanted Islands: Extraordinary Galapagos Encounters

By Alyssa Corasanti, WWF Built-in Advertising and marketing Supervisor

The Galapagos Islands, located within the Pacific Ocean, is famend for its various ecosystem. The islands, a lot of them completely preserved and practically untouched by human growth, are a haven for wildlife and a slice of heaven for adventurers trying to disconnect from the “actual world” and immerse themselves within the pure world.  

As I feel again on my once-in-a-lifetime journey by way of the Archipelago, I recounted a few of my favourite encounters all through the Galapagos that underscore what makes this magical place stay as much as its nickname: The Enchanted Islands. 

Enjoying with Lobos Marinos 

We first met the sea lions on the seashores of North Seymour, the place we launched into what a pile of rocks. These rocks, nonetheless, upon nearer inspection, have been sea lions curled up within the solar and unbothered as all of us excitedly gathered round and exclaimed how cute they have been.  

At first sight, it seems that Galapagos sea lions are considerable on the islands. The social species might be seen in giant teams, cuddled up alongside the shore on virtually each seaside. Regardless of seeing teams of sea lions at each flip, we continued to study that populations declined dramatically by way of the 80’s and 90’s on account of local weather change 

We had many sea lion interactions throughout our journey, however one of the crucial magical moments was throughout our first snorkel off Isla Lobos. The inquisitive animals have been identified to play with snorkelers, however the alternative to expertise their playful personalities first-hand was an unforgettable second.  

Simply as you’d begin swimming ahead, a sea lion would sneak up and swim head-on towards you, simply to show on the final second and swirl round you. It was hilarious, a bit scary, and an expertise we talked about for the remainder of our journey.  

Sea lion in the Galapagos

© Alyssa Corasanti / WWF-US

Climbing with Blue-Footed Boobies 

Half of the world’s breeding inhabitants of the blue-footed booby calls the Galapagos their residence and it’s onerous to overlook them when you get to the islands. They’re extremely straightforward to identify with their trademark bright-blue, webbed toes, and clumsy waddle as they tramp up and down the seaside.  

As we hiked alongside the coast of North Seymour, we had our first sighting: a mama along with her newly hatched infants. The chicks have been nonetheless rising feathers and set free little squawks as we walked by.  

Baby blue-footed boobie in the Galapagos

© Alyssa Corasanti / WWF-US

Additional down the trail, loud caws and a scuffle caught our consideration. It was two male blue-footed boobies, dancing round a feminine, stomping their toes and stretching their wings, sometimes bucking at one another, and colliding their beaks. Regardless of the makes an attempt to impress the feminine with their beautiful blue toes and coordinated dance, the feminine flew away.

We have been lucky to get these little glimpses into their life, however we additionally realized these seabirds have been simply as curious of us as we have been of them. On a number of events, we needed to slink by them as they fearlessly strolled as much as our group to watch us.  

The mutual curiosity cast a connection between us and the blue-footed boobies, highlighting the significance of accountable ecotourism and the necessity to prioritize the conservation of their pure habitats, making certain a sustainable coexistence. 

Two blue-footed boobies in the Galapagos

© Alyssa Corasanti / WWF-US

Cruising with Dolphins  

Crusing towards our subsequent vacation spot, we heard a loud bell clanging and a crew member shouting, “delfin!”. We rushed to the bow and peered over to see 4 bottlenose dolphins gliding alongside our boat. 

We marveled on the playfulness and cautious coordination of the dolphins as they saved an ideal cadence to sail together with us. The collective celebration and pleasure shared among the many passengers throughout these spontaneous encounters additional enriched our journey. These majestic moments highlighted the range of the ecosystem, unveiling pleasant surprises at each flip.

Recognizing a Galapagos Large Centipede 

Via the comb, an other-worldly-looking creature emerged. An extended, slick, black centipede with reddish-purple legs slinked as much as the floor and stopped me in my tracks. It was the Galapagos centipede. A surprising anthropod and a member of the Scolopendra genus – the most important centipedes on the earth present in tropical climates.  

Our expedition chief, Giancarlo, recalled that these centipedes can develop as much as a foot lengthy and have been identified to prey on small rodents and lizards. I shortly snapped a photograph, in awe of this uncommon creature, because the centipede vanished again into the comb.   

Giant centipede in the Galapagos

© Alyssa Corasanti / WWF-US

Stumbling into Flamingos  

We equipped for a mid-day kayak off of Floreana the place we set off to paddle round mangroves. These mangroves develop from the volcanic ground and are an integral a part of the ecosystem in lots of elements of the Galapagos.  

As we have been experiencing the magnificence of the mangroves, the fish swimming by, and the seabirds flying overhead, we leisurely paddled down the shoreline. Simply as we turned a nook, we have been all astounded once we noticed a pack of brilliant pink birds. Opposite to the guides’ forewarning that flamingos within the Galapagos have been few and much between, we simply so occurred to be in the fitting place on the proper time.  

The thrill of not figuring out what was subsequent and discovering the sudden continued to gas our sense of journey and created an exhilarating and enriching expertise. 

Two flamingos in the water in the Galapagos

© Alyssa Corasanti / WWF-US

Honorable Point out: Taking the Journey with our Expedition Leaders, Giancarlo and Luis 

The adoration, respect, and deep understanding of the Galapagos could possibly be felt in each interplay we had with our guides. As long-time Galapagos residents and nature lovers, Giancarlo and Luis have a deep connection to the islands that was obvious throughout each wildlife encounter. The magical moments throughout the journey have been made all the higher by way of the depth of data offered by our guides. 

By the tip of our journey, it was clear that the Galapagos is a really enchanting place that has solely been capable of stay this fashion due to the wonderful individuals who fiercely love and shield it.  

Guide posting with a blue-footed boobie

© Alyssa Corasanti / WWF-US

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