Patrick and the Whale | Befriending A Sperm Whale | Nature


– [Patrick] However then one thing unusual occurred out of the blue.

And it began like some other time.

We had been monitoring together with a household that we did not know earlier than, (water splashing) and there was one whale that type of got here a bit nearer, after which it tilted upwards.

She’s sending out a sonar pulse, scanning my physique, your kidney, your lungs, your rib cage.

She’s actually getting a full 3D image of what I’m, of my inside.

No one knew this whale.

I might see she had was like a contemporary wound on the facet of her face from what was clearly a squid scratch when feeding on some big squid.

(water burbling) (object creaks) When sperm whales first see one another within the Japanese Caribbean, they make a clicking sound in a really distinct sample.

Tick-tick, tick-tick-tick.

(object clicking) Like morse code.

(object clicking) (whale clicking) Simply on a whim I knocked the facet of my digicam housing.

Tick-tick, tick-tick-tick.

And instantly, it solely took one time.

She stopped fully, (water burbling) after which slowly inverted her physique and turned fully round, and finally got here nose to nose with me once more from perhaps two toes away.

(object creaking) After which I attempted some bodily actions, then I rolled within the water.

(water burbling) After which I watched and he or she rolled within the water.

(water burbling) (suspenseful music) No one knew this whale.

She hadn’t been named but.

So I referred to as her Delores.

After about 45 minutes, she slowly rolled over and simply disappeared down into the depths.

(water splashing) There are many causes that draw me again to Dominica, however she shortly grew to become the whale that I wished to see essentially the most.

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