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Woman holding a cantaloupe bowl with berries inside smiling into camera.To eat fruit or to not eat fruit. That’s the query.

It seems that fruit is a contentious and generally complicated subject throughout the low-carb neighborhood. Some low-carb advocates argue that fruit ought to be strictly restricted or averted altogether, each due to the carbs and since they’re cautious of fructose. But among the staunchest carnivore food plan proponents are actually incorporating fruit and selling a “meat and fruit” strategy. That’s proper, carnivore—billed as the final word zero-carb food plan—now permits fruit (relying on who you ask). 

Even for folk who haven’t any explicit philosophical sway towards or in favor of fruit consumption, it may be arduous to resolve which fruits, and the way a lot, to incorporate in the event that they’re aiming to scale back carbs. 

My stance has all the time been that fruit is a pure however not mandatory a part of the human food plan. Certain, it’s greater in carbs than meat or greens (on common), however fruits additionally come packaged with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that do a physique good. Fruit will be a good way to add carbs round exercises should you so want. Biting into the primary completely ripe peach of the summer time is an entirely hedonic expertise. 

However for folk watching their carb consumption, and particularly for these following a really low-carb ketogenic food plan, it received’t do to chow down on huge bowls of fruit salad for breakfast. Right here’s how I weigh the relative deserves of various fruit choices.

Selecting the Finest Low-Carb Fruits

There’s no definitive algorithm that may spit out a low-carb acceptability ranking for a given fruit, however the components under are those I take into account related to this query. 

1. Begin with the quantity of carbohydrates and fiber in a typical serving.

Carbohydrates as a result of… clearly, and fiber as a result of fiber doesn’t get absorbed and transformed into glucose. As a substitute, it principally travels by means of the intestine, the place commensal microbes “feed” on sure sorts. That’s why some folks solely depend web carbs, which is complete carbs minus fiber. 

I don’t trouble getting that granular. Counting complete carbs is much less work and avoids debates about whether or not to subtract fiber from all sources or solely sure ones. Simply perceive that should you’re evaluating two items of fruits with comparable carb content material, the upper fiber one will most likely have much less of an influence on blood sugar. 

You may cease there, or you might additionally…

2. Take into account the antioxidant worth.

Antioxidants are compounds that assist mitigate mobile harm attributable to free radicals, and fruit occurs to be a terrific supply of antioxidants (though herbs and spices are even higher). However not all fruit is created equal right here. The antioxidant energy of various meals is measured by Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capability, or ORAC. Increased is healthier. 

3. Take into account the glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL).

I don’t discover GI or GL particularly value worrying about, however you may care in case your physician has prescribed a low-GI/GL food plan.

Glycemic index measures how a lot particular person meals increase blood sugar once you eat a certain quantity of carbohydrate—50 grams of carbs from pineapple or 50 grams of carbohydrates from cantaloupe, for instance, in comparison with 50 grams of carbohydrates from pure glucose. Glycemic load takes under consideration a typical serving measurement of every meals merchandise, making it extra helpful. Watermelon, as an example, has a GI within the medium vary however a comparatively low GL as a result of it’s principally water.

  • GI under 55 is taken into account low, 56 to 69 medium, and 70 or above excessive.
  • Low GL is 10 or under, medium is 11 to 19, and excessive is 20 or higher.

All else being equal, choose decrease GI/GL fruits. 

4. Nutrient profile.

Lastly, you might take into account what particular vitamins a given fruit is especially wealthy in. If you happen to’re making an attempt to spice up potassium consumption, you may go for avocado, guava, or kiwi. For B6, go for durian (maintain your nostril). 

Prime 8 Low-Carb Fruits

With out additional ado, that is my not-entirely-scientific high 8 fruits that I’d advocate for carb-conscious Primal eaters. 

Word that the values under are approximate. Relying on what sources you utilize, you may arrive at barely totally different values.


Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries—they’re all good! Berries are going to ship probably the most antioxidants (highest ORAC scores) of all of the fruits on this record.

  • Carbs per ½-cup serving: 7 to 11 grams (2 to 4 grams of fiber)
  • ORAC: >4000 (wild blueberries clock in at 9621)
  • GI: 25 (blackberries, raspberries) to 53 (wild blueberries)
  • GL: 2 to 4


Cherries are up there with berries by way of their antioxidant worth. 

  • Carbs per ½ cup (about 10 cherries): 12 grams (2 grams fiber) 
  • ORAC: 3747
  • GI: 25
  • GL: 4


Kiwis are underappreciated, most likely due to their furry pores and skin and, let’s face it, seedy inside. However one kiwi delivers round 85 p.c of your day by day vitamin C necessities (nearly twice as a lot as an orange, ounce for ounce) and 31 p.c of day by day vitamin Okay. 

  • Carbs per kiwi: 10 grams (2 grams fiber)
  • ORAC: 862
  • GI: 50
  • GL: 7.3


Half a grapefruit, which boasts a low glycemic load, will web you round half your vitamin C for the day. Simply don’t destroy it by sprinkling sugar on high.

  • Carbs per ½ medium grapefruit: 14 grams (2 grams fiber)
  • ORAC: 483
  • GI: 22
  • GL: 2.4


If you happen to’re searching for a bite-sized fruit morsel to fulfill a small candy craving, look no additional. 

  • Carbs per apricot: 4 grams (1 gram fiber)
  • ORAC: 1100
  • GI: 34
  • GL: 3.8


Cantaloupe is comparable in potassium to banana for about half the carbs. It’s additionally scrumptious when wrapped in prosciutto. Not each fruit can say that. 

  • Carbs per 1 cup serving: 13 grams (1.5 grams fiber)
  • ORAC: 319
  • GI: 65
  • GL: 4


You may be stunned to see a tropical fruit on this record since they are usually excessive in carbs. (Certainly, that is the highest-carb possibility right here, although it’s not astronomical by any means.) However guava has a low GI and GL and, extra importantly, it’s a dietary powerhouse. One cup of guava blows different fruits out of the water, delivering 500 p.c of your day by day requirement of vitamin C (5 instances as a lot as a medium orange), 688 mg of potassium (about 1.5 medium bananas, which might come packaged with 40 grams of carbs), and 42 p.c of the day by day worth for copper. 

  • Carbs per 1 cup serving: 24 grams (9 grams fiber)
  • ORAC: 1422 to 2550
  • GI: 24
  • GL: 5


In fact, we couldn’t have a finest fruits record that omitted the avocado. Apart from its wholesome fats content material—one of many causes avocado is the darling of the keto world—it packs respectable quantities of B nutritional vitamins, folate, vitamin Okay, potassium, copper, and antioxidants as well.

  • Carbs per 1 avocado: 12 grams (9 grams fiber)
  • ORAC: 1922
  • GI: 10
  • GL: 9

Do You Like What You See?

I’m guessing I simply angered or bewildered a few of you. Relaxation assured, just as a result of your favourite fruit doesn’t seem right here doesn’t imply it’s not “Mark permitted.” All of that is considerably subjective.

I don’t need you overthinking these things anyway. The objective is to be conscious about what goes in your physique, to not obsess concerning the relative deserves of 1 plum versus three apricots. That form of obsessing is worse in your well being than any quantity of fruit ever could possibly be. Any fruit goes to be a greater, extra Primal-friendly possibility than the hyperprocessed junk lining your grocery store cabinets. 

Okay, that’s it for immediately. What fruits would have made your record? Any favorites that you simply really feel I ignored right here? Let me know within the feedback. 

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