Attenborough and the Jurassic Sea Monster | Discovering the Secrets and techniques of a Jurassic Sea Monster | Nature


Thought to have been over 30 ft in size, much like a doubledecker bus.

Within the late Jurassic, Europe was an archipelago of islands, a lot nearer to the equator than it’s in the present day.

It seas had been heat, shallow, and teeming with life.

And in these waters beneath my ft lurked the final word marine predator, the pliosaur.

Not like dinosaurs that lived on land, these colossal marine reptiles spent their entire lives within the ocean.

Thought to have been over 30 ft in size, much like a doubledecker bus.

They’d lengthy, broad flippers; brief, sturdy necks; big heads, and large jaws.

However there’s nonetheless rather a lot we do not find out about these nice sea monsters, which is why this new discovery is so necessary.

Steve believes that your entire pliosaur should be contained in the cliff, nevertheless it’s the cranium on which he is concentrating.

A cranium can reveal extra about an animal than every other a part of its skeleton.

Discovering an entire specimen is uncommon, however it could possibly inform us a fantastic deal about how the animal lived.

– It is fairly sizzling and soiled work.

– [Host] Steve and Chris suppose they are going to have about three weeks to dig the fossil out earlier than the storms of late summer season come.

– It is a studying curve.

I believed, stupidly, that it would not be fairly as exhausting as this.

We’re in all probability over a meter in.

There’s the cranium there, simply behind me.

It is as much as us now to get it out with none harm.

– [Host] If the cranium is efficiently extracted, it’s going to be taken to the Etches Assortment Museum in Cambridge, which was based by Steve in 2016 and now accommodates practically 3000 fossils from the Jurassic interval.

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